Video: Karl Rove glittered by the gay at anti-gay conference

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Contact: Ben Egerman – 507-581-0363, Michael Cahill – 952-334-4105, Nick Espinosa – 612-432-8888
Karl Rove and Congressman Erik Paulsen Glitter Bombed at Anti-Gay Conference

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BLOOMINGTON, MN — At the Minnesota Faith and Freedom Coalition strategy session about the upcoming ballot measure seeking to re-write the state constitution to ban marriages for same-sex couples, Republican Party hit-man Karl Rove, and congressman Erik Paulsen were showered with glitter in two separate actions by a group of equality advocates who call themselves “The Glitterati.”

The event was set to award Paulsen with a “Friend of the Family” award for his efforts to put the anti-family constitutional amendment on the ballot in Minnesota for 2012.

“You’re no friend to my family!” exclaimed Michael Cahill, as he showered Erik Paulsen with glitter.

A few hours later Karl Rove was doused in glitter at a book signing at the same event by a second advocate, Ben Egerman. “Feel the rainbow” he shouted, as the sparkles flew through the air.

“Because of the hateful rhetoric of people like Erik Paulsen and Karl Rove, I was subjected to “reparative” therapy as a teenager. It’s this sort of twisted belief and hateful language that motivates families across the country to push loved ones into harmful treatment, endangering their vitality and emotional stability in the process.” Said Cahill

“Let me be clear, we are going to continue these glitter actions so long as people like Paulsen and Rove are doing everything they possibly can to make the lives of queer people worse.” Egerman said.

Egerman was detained by Bloomington police and security for two hours as Karl Rove initially decided to press assault charges. After consulting with police and his lawyers he reversed his decision declining to press charges and Egerman was released.

“We want to protest the ongoing attempts to restrict the rights of gay people in Minnesota and the inclusion of anti-gay bigotry in politics. You don’t vote on human rights. This effort to re-write the state constitution to include hatred and bigotry is a hate crime, pure and simple — it’s just taking place at the ballot box instead of on the street.” Added Cahill.

The glittering phenomenon was sparked by the prior actions of Espinosa, who showered Newt Gingrich with glitter in an act that has inspired numerous other glitter bombings. The new form of protest was even featured on the season premier of the hit TV series Glee.

Espinosa and other glitterati activists helped organize OccupyMN a group that began it’s occupation of Government Plaza in Minneapolis today in solidarity with the wall street protests. They say they plan on bringing their sparkle to the movement.

“In addition to standing up against anti-gay hate, we expect to be bringing these sort of creative actions to the occupation movement to train others on how to pull off fun actions such as these in solidarity with the 99%. Our glitter action seemed like a great way to kick off our local occupation.” Said Espinosa

“We’ve seen this show before,” added Espinosa. “Republicans are using Minnesotans in a desperate attempt to boost turn-out in 2012, not caring what damage they do to Minnesotan families along the way. It’s sick, it’s twisted, and it shows the desperate lengths that this party will go to in order to further their quest for political power.”

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