Tutu warns South Africans may pray for their govt’s downfall after snub to Dalai Lama

Archbishop Desmond Tutu tells the African National Congress Government that they are worse than the Apartheid regime.

Archbishop Tutu had invited the Dalai Lama to deliver a lecture at the former’s 80th birthday celebrations. The Dalai Lama was to be given a peace price by Mahatma Gandhi’s granddaughter. He has cancelled, however, because his visa is not yet forthcoming, something the Archbishop described as a “mindblowing discourtesy”. It seems some blame pressure from the Chinese. The Government blames bureaucracy.

The Archbishop delivers a firecracker of a press conference in which in addition to comparing the present regime unfavourably with the Apartheid regime, he denounces the Chinese oppression in Tibet. Follow the link for the video.

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