Obama to address gay group this evening, I’ll be on CNN doing commentary

By an interesting coincidence, Joe is in the AP story, below, about the President’s speech at the Human Rights Campaign dinner tonight, and I’ll be on CNN a little after 7pm Eastern, and again right after the President’s speech (probably 740ish) giving my impressions of the speech.

Here’s a bit of the AP piece:

President Barack Obama is headlining the Human Rights Campaign’s annual dinner Saturday night, addressing the gay rights group less than two weeks after the military ended its ban on openly gay service members, an effort Obama championed.

But the president is not expected to use his speech to announce any change to his self-proclaimed “evolving” position on gay marriage.

Joe Sudbay of AmericaBlog.com was among the bloggers Obama spoke with last year. He said that while most gay advocates won’t stop supporting the president if he doesn’t come out in favor of gay marriage before the election, doing so could give Obama’s base much-needed energy.

“He might not lose votes, but he won’t gain enthusiasm,” Sudbay said.

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