Herman “Sanger” Cain: Pro-choice and gonna lose

So a pro-choicer, a Mormon bishop and a closet case go into a bar…

From Greg Sargent:

Last night, Herman Cain made a big splash when he backed into pro-choice language on abortion last night on CNN — apparently by accident — when he said he is personally fully against abortion but doesn’t think that the government should tell women what to do. This is already shaping up as a very big deal. Cain is leading in some polls, so other Republicans may use this slip up to try to take him down, and he’ll have to address it.

In an effort to backtrack, Cain just tweeted:

I’m 100% pro-life. End of story.

Uh, no. We know you’re personally pro-life, you said that last night. But as President your policies would be pro-choice, that’s also what you said last night. So this isn’t a clarification at all.

So now the big choice for far-right GOP primary voters is whether they vote for a black guy who’s secretly pro-choice, a Mormon bishop who’s secretly a Democrat, or a George Bush wannabe who’s rumored to have a lot more secrets than Cain and Romney combined.

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