Graphic video, purports to be Gaddafi’s body

There still is some lingering uncertainty about whether Gaddafi is dead (I imagine it’s hard to confirm in all the turmoil), though most seem to think he is. JoeMyGod has posted a video that’s going around, purporting to be Gaddafi’s body. Per se it’s graphic.

The Libyan Prime Minister says he’s dead.

Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza looks at the election impact here at home. I think the impact is more subtle. Yes, these things can potentially cause a temporary bump in the polls, but over time they have a more subtle impact. Osama’s, and now Gaddafi’s, deaths do help burnish Obama’s foreign policy image, which helps inoculate him on whatever foreign policy dirt the GOP plans to throw at him during the general election. And more generally, it feeds a sense of competence about the president, to counter, even slightly, discontent about the economy. Yes, the economy is the public’s number one concern, but every little bit on every other issue still helps.

Devastating photo of Sirte, Gaddafi’s home town.

Video of Hillary getting the news on her Blackberry.

The Republicans point out that only recently the President shook hands and yucked it up with the dictator.

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