GOPer Tommy Thompson seems to endorse (literally) “death panels”


Monday, in Tommy Thompson’s press conference in which he announced himself a “candidate” free of all disclosure laws because he wasn’t “officially” saying he was a “candidate,” he pronounced himself just all down with Paul Ryan’s plan to destroy Medicare as we know it .

Thompson also spoke candidly on the role of end of life costs play in the Medicare budget. He said costs incurred in the last six months of patients’ lives account for 28 percent of it. “What happens? Mother or father or grandpa and grandma, you’ve been away, you haven’t done very much. Children come home, mother or father’s on their deathbed, they feel guilty because they haven’t being paying attention to mother or father. Let’s face it. So they say “let’s do everything we can for mother or father. Don’t spare the costs.”

And the alternative is… wait for it… death panels.

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