GOP Senator proposes new stimulus package… for Libya

That’s sweet.  Maybe some day the Republicans will care about America too.  And putting that aside for a moment, how cute that the GOP is refusing to fund infrastructure projects at home (a number of Republican governors have actually turned back federal money for railways), yet they have no problem touting infrastructure projects for Libya – either they help build an economy or they don’t. TPM:

But why spend there when austerity in the United States means workers are getting laid off and infrastructures decaying. We asked Graham in the Capitol after a vote on Thursday and he explained.

“I would say this is a loan, not a gift,” Graham said. “It is in our interest to get their oil back online, so we can have more supply, which will help our consumers, it is in our interest to get their economy moving forward, so a vacuum won’t be filled by extremists, and we will get the money we invest back.

Yeah, I think we know a thing or two about vacuums in economies being filled by extremists.

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