Gaza: Abu Mailek freed. Shalit to be swapped.

Some good news: Dissidents Under Fire are reporting that Mohamed Abu Mailek has been released (although, it is suggested that he is still in grave danger). In 2009, Mohamed was a member of a rocket squad. He decided that he was not prepared to fire on civilians. As a result he was tortured and faced the death penalty for “collaboration and espionage”. A high profile campaign involving Amnesty and, amongst others, Archbishop Tutu, seems to have borne fruit.

Whatever view you take of the Israel/Palestine conflict, Mohamed’s stand was a ridiculously brave and, in my view, utterly heroic one. His release is fantastic news.

The BBC is also reporting that a prisoner swap deal “for the release of Sgt Gilad Shalit, an Israeli soldier held hostage by Palestinian militants for five years.”

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