Fmr. GE Chairman Jack Welch continues his class warfare against middle class

This guy keeps rambling on but it’s the same old garbage.  CNBC:

Start with cutting 25 percent of current discretionary spending and 5 percent of military spending, which would save about $1.3 trillion over 10 years, Welch said. Then, freeze regulations until the current 9.1 percent unemployment level gets below 6 percent.

He also wants changes in entitlements, starting with means testing benefits. “I shouldn’t be getting Social Security. I shouldn’t be getting Medicare benefits at the level I’m getting,” Welch said.

Obama’s support for a millionaire’s tax is “a transfer payment. You take if from one pan, put it in the other. It doesn’t work,” he said. “They are spenders. They believe government should do more. They don’t believe jobs come from the private sector. They believe government creates jobs,” he said.

He loved corporate entitlements when it was all about Jack, but when it’s for the middle class, it’s a different story. People like him have to stop this constant attack on everyone who works for a living. It’s all about the 0.5% keeping everything for themselves, no one else matters.

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