Document shows DNC faith director was for gay marriage before he was against it

Yes, the Democratic party is botching relations with the gay community, again.  From AMERICAblog Gay:

The new Democratic party faith outreach director, Dr. Derrick Harkins of Nineteenth Street Baptist Church in Washington, DC, recently told an interviewer “no no no” when asked about his views on gay marriage. Some folks were pretty upset that the Democrats would hire someone who doesn’t support our full and equal status as human beings.

But then a funny thing happened. A pro- marriage equality pledge surfaced from two years ago in which the same Dr. Derrick Harkins averred his full throated support for gay marriage.

It’s worse than that. The DNC defended the man yesterday, again stating categorically that he was opposed to marriage equality. We now know that that’s not true.

In a nutshell: Beeg trouble for moose and squirrel.

Much more over at AMERICAblog Gay.

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