Blue collar whites support OWS, though they still aren’t great fans of the President

From Greg Sargent at the Washington Post:

* In the National Journal poll, 56 percent of non-college-educated whites agree with the [Occupy Wall Street] protesters; only 31 percent disagree.

* In the Time poll, 54 percent of non-college-educated men, and 48 percent of non-college educated women, agree with the protesters. (That’s roughly 51 percent overall.) Meanwhile,only 29 percent of non-college-educated men, and only 19 percent of non-college-educated women, disagree. (That’s roughly 23 percent.)

By the way, this doesn’t necessarily help Obama. As Alex Altman noted in his excellent write-up of the Time poll’s overall numbers, Obama’s approval rating among these voters is an abysmal 26 percent. But this polling suggests that embracing the protests are not part of the problem — quite the opposite, in fact.

I’d have liked to have seen how this group feels about the GOP. Along those lines, Alex Altman finds that while Obama’s support among another key demographic, college-educated women, has dropped, they like the Republicans even less.

Even among the demographic groups that flocked to him in droves four years ago, Obama is falling out of favor amid high unemployment. In a TIME survey taken in June, 57% of college-educated women approved of the President’s job performance. This month that number fell to 49% in TIME’s survey, a notch above the 47% who disapproved, but a significant slip in a few short months. Obama still trounces his leading Republican rivals in the race for this key group’s likely voters, holding a 54% to 38% edge over Romney and a 56% to 34% advantage over Perry among likely voters. But his diminishing support among a demographic squarely in his wheelhouse must be disconcerting for his boosters.

It’s good for the President that a lot of polls show him still more popular than the Republicans, but low popularity all around could depress (and thus supress) voting across the board, leaving the election up to each party’s diehards. And the GOP diehards are far more motivated at the moment than our diehards. That’s slowly changing, I think, as each new absurdity from the GOP House and the GOP presidential candidates riles up key Democratic constituencies.  But will it be enough by November of next year?

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