Arkansas Republican says unions ought to be “eradicated”

Blue Arkansas has the goods.

In a race between Steve Womack (Republican incumbent, AR-03) and Ken Aden (Democrat and progressive), the Pope County GOP chairman, Gene Daughtry, got into an email exchange with Ken Aden’s campaign manager.

Here’s a taste (my emphasis):

Gene Daughtry[:] As Republicans we may be able to do better (more conservative) but there is not a Democrat that could go to DC and help America right now. Until the progressive framework is dismantled and the federal government is reduced in size and scope by about 40%, Democratic thinking is counter productive. Once all the Wilson, FDR, Carter and “O”’s federal departments, regulations and the new laws are over turned or modified to remove the effect on the states and people then possibly a Democrat could go to DC without further economic and moral destruction.

Any influence from the Koch Bros is 100 times better for America than the influence we have seen from Trumka, Stern and the unions. …

[Daughtry:] I say that what little the unions did 100 years ago has been completely overshadowed by the damage they have wrought upon American business the last 60 years. Now with union leadership taking a role in politics here and abroad they have infected government and it’s [meaning unionism] a disease that needs to be eradicated soon and regulated to keep it from happening again.

The progressive administration, with the help of unions, have cost our country 1.5 million businesses, not jobs, businesses. Saying unions have helped the middle class is a joke. …

Jake Burris[:] so your [sic] on record as saying unions should be eradicated? Gene, I’ll give you About 8 minutes to withdraw that statement before I make it famous.

The whole thing is here — scroll down to the indented part to read it in full.

A real troglodyte. They grow them strange down there. Reminds me of the Alabama state senator whose word for blacks is “aborigines.”

About the race — I understand from the Aden campaign (email, so no link) that a recent Hendrix University survey has Womack’s approval at 44 percent and combined dispparoval/don’t know at 56 percent. So despite the recent redness of the district, this is a doable race, and Aden’s recently created link at ActBlue getting support as a result of this Blue Arkansas story.

Action Opportunity: The obvious. Contribute if you can, and if you live in Arkansas, consider donating your time.

[UPDATED because I don’t know my state abbreviations starting with A; also links fixed.]


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