Who knew it was legal to walk around naked in SF?

An interesting article.  I’m not entirely sure I side with the folks who think it’s fine to walk around naked.  Curious what you think.

“I’m all for live and let live, but this has gotten out of hand,” said Jonathan Mills, who lives in the Castro and has complained to police about the naked guys. “This is not hip or cool or an asset to San Francisco. These people make other people avoid our neighborhood at a time when it is struggling.”

But Eric Anderson, an unapologetic nudist, said the neighborhood is just as much his as anyone else’s. Those who have a problem seeing people in the buff need to take a closer look at their own issues with body image, he said.

“To force their conservative views on me isn’t fair,” he said, seated on a metal chair in the Castro district plaza to eat a sandwich and read a book. Before he sat down, he placed his lime-green sarong on the chair.

And is it fair to force your liberal views on him?

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