US economy adds zero jobs in August, UE stays at 9.1%

Neither the White House, nor the Congress, seems to understand how bad things are out there.  The President hasn’t changed course on his deficit cutting mania, Democrats in Congress are still happily on board the presidential Titanic, and the Republicans are doing what they always do – torpedoing Democratic re-election chances, with the help of the Democrats themselves.

A lot of people are asking what to do?  The only thing that works with these folks is to threaten their re-elect.  And they know you won’t do it, so they’re happy to sign on to Republican economic policies that they know are going to cause a lot more of you, your family, and your friends to lose their jobs.  So, you either stand up now and tell them you’re not going to vote for them if they don’t change course, and you hope they get the message in time, or you own the fact that you’re voting to re-elect politicians who are quite literally, and quite intentionally, making your personal financial situation far more precarious you, and that of your family and your friends.

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