Signorile interviews NC GOP state Sen. James Forrester, author of state marriage ban

UPDATE: Apparently the good senator was just caught lying about his credential.

It’s increasingly difficult not to think of the south as an incredibly backwards place.  I realize some of you are from there, but far too many of the political leaders in these states are still just as bigoted now as they were when they were oppressing blacks.  Case in point, North Carolina GOP state Sen. James Forrester, the sponsor of North Carolina’s marriage ban that’s going to be voted on next year. Watch a snippet of Mike’s interview with the man, below. Completely ignorant of the facts. He’s simply a bigot who parrots religious right talking points.

This exchange, at 9:15 in the video, shows what a complete fraud this GOP state senator really is.  He can’t answer the simple question of how gay marriage harms straight marriage.  It’s the central question in the debate, he’s “protecting” marriage, but from what?  He doesn’t know.

SIGNORILE: I’m asking you some simple questions you should be able to answer, right?  How does marriage, how is it harmed by gay people wanting to marry?  It’s a simple question.

SENATOR FORRESTER: I don’t have the answer to that question. 

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