Republicans are worried about Rick Perry’s electability

From HuffPo:

Perry has shot to the head of the Republican primary field in national polls. But conversations with Republican lawmakers and voters this week have shown that many are not convinced the Texas governor has what it takes to be the party’s nominee, or beat President Obama in the general election.

“I have my doubts that Perry can beat Obama in a head-to-head,” said one influential Republican donor and activist in the Northeast, who said Perry has yet to come in for his “media proctology exam.”

In South Carolina earlier this week, influential Republicans were also unimpressed by Perry’s lead in the national polls.

“It’s not going to stay,” said Glenn McCall, a national committee member from South Carolina. “It’s too early.”

“The folks I talk to, they’re concerned” about Perry’s electability…

Is this all code for, they’re concerned that the rumors about Perry just might be true?

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