Poll: Obama at new low, Perry leads GOP

Obama’s approval ratings are at an all time low – independents are key:

As concerns about the struggling U.S. economy grow, a new CBS News/New York poll finds that President Obama’s overall approval rating has dropped to 43 percent, the lowest so far of his presidency in CBS News polling. In addition, his disapproval rating has reached an all-time high of 50 percent.

Views of the president’s job performance are marked by a striking degree of polarization along party lines — the vast majority of Democrats approve (78 percent), while even more Republicans disapprove (89 percent) of how he’s handling his job. But only 37 percent of independents approve, with 54 percent disapproving.

Also, from the numbers above it’s clear that Dem approval is lagging behind Republican disapproval. Though, the pollsters make a good point:

With just over a year before Mr. Obama faces voters again for re-election, it should be noted that Mr. Obama’s overall approval rating is similar to that of Bill Clinton’s (43 percent) and Ronald Reagan’s (46 percent) about a year before their presidential elections when they won re-election. Conversely, George H.W. Bush had a 70 percent approval rating about a year before the presidential election but then lost his bid for re-election.

In another CBS story we learn that Perry leads the GOP pack:

Among voters who intend to vote in a Republican primary or caucus, Perry leads the pack of candidates nationally with 23 percent, with former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney at 16 percent. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann tie for third with 7 percent, followed by Texas Rep. Ron Paul (5 percent) and business executive Herman Cain (5 percent). Former Ambassador and Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman and former Sen. Rick Santorum each receive 1 percent.

And there’s an 18 point enthusiasm gap between Rs and Ds.

But there is an 18 point partisan enthusiasm gap that currently favors Republicans: 44 percent of Republican voters are more enthusiastic about voting in 2012, while just 26 percent of Democrats are. This is a reversal compared to October, 2007, when twice as many Democrats as Republicans expressed more enthusiasm about voting.

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