More shocking video of NYPD brutality against peaceful young women protesters

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell talks about the police brutality in evidence during the NYC crackdown on peaceful protesters at Wall Street. I’d posted some of this video earlier, but hadn’t seen the rest of it. It’s awful. You see a senior officer slamming a guy’s head into a car, seemingly because he was trying to videotape them.  O’Donnell rightfully calls the NYPD out for it. Watch this video. Please.  It’s just awful.  And embarrassing as hell.  We look no better than China or Russia when we permit law enforcement to act like this, and we lose a large part of our moral authority in the eyes of world.

And yeah, some will say we don’t know the entire story from watching these videos.  I got news for you, if the NYPD was seriously in fear for their lives from the young girls, just standing there peacefully, who got pepper sprayed, then we have bigger problems.

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