I hope Sequoyah High School in Madisonville, TN has a lot of money

If kids are seriously running around that school yelling “God hates gays,” at the same time the school district is refusing to let students organize a support network for gay students, then I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of the lawsuit the first time a gay student is physically attacked.  Because that kid is going to win millions.  Hear that, Director of Schools Mike Lowry?


Carroll and the other students have approached school officials about starting the GSA, but have been told they cannot.

That is when they started to pass around a petition to get support.

“These students have been following policy and they approached the principal,” said Linda Sigler, who has two children involved in getting the alliance started. “They’ve done this petition and now the school is telling them if they continue with the petition, they will be suspended.”

6 News contacted Director of Schools Mike Lowry. He would not comment on camera, but said the students have to get the principal’s permission first and then get a faculty sponsor.

You’re going to suspend them for simply collecting names on a petition in support of a civil rights club?  Why not just turn the fire hoses on them?

I have to say, it’s really surprising, and sad, to see Tennessee’s name pop up so often in these anti-gay hate stories.

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