HRC buys cheap Google ads because it’s “hassle” paying gay blogs a decent price

No gay blog should be running any HRC ads that come through Google for pennies, they should block them.  This is rather outrageous.

The way advertisers take on their niche ad-buying strategies can hurt gay sites. Instead of advertising directly on those sites, for example, Human Rights Campaign will go to Google ads instead of banner ads. It’s easy micro-targeting without all the hassle of having to work with individual sites’ business development staffs. HRC gets a deal; the sites, however, get pennies.

As someone said to me recently, if unions can ask you to go to a union shop, then we should be able to ask progressive groups, the Democratic Party, and the various Democratic campaigns to go through our own ad reps who charge a livable rate for advertising, rather than paying us pennies through Google.

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