Greenpeace launches hard-hitting ad against Obama

This is a pretty interesting web video from Greenpeace, hitting President Obama for rolling back EPA regulations which would limit ozone-destroying pollution. The video features an unnamed former Obama campaign volunteer talking about her tireless effort knocking on doors and making phone calls in 2008 to help bring hope through his election. She expresses her disappointment at what Greenpeace says is the President not doing his job to protect the environment.

Last week, activists protesting the construction of the Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline, which would stretch from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico, held a series of protests outside the White House, with over 1,200 people arrested. More than 100 former Obama 2008 staffers were arrested as well. Clearly the environmental movement views the 2008 campaign framework of “hope and change” as a real vehicle to pressure Obama now – and surely in coming months as the re-election campaign seeks to tap into the same wealth of energy that propelled them to victory in 2008.

Also of note: Vice President Al Gore leveled essentially the same criticism towards Obama on the environment yesterday as we’re seeing from Greenpeace today.

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