Environmentalists weigh options

Any liberal should have started to weight their options the second Obama brought on Summers and Geithner right after the election. Concerning the environment though, there have been a few OK moments but overall, the administration’s positions look too much like what we might expect from someone like Mitt Romney. Maybe Obama thinks that he’s winning over the always popular independents but nothing suggests that he is.

What next? Who really wants to donate money to anyone who supports this and who wants to lift a finger to help?

In late August, the State Department gave a crucial go-ahead on a controversial pipeline to bring tar sands oil from Canada to the Gulf Coast. Then on Friday, leading into the holiday weekend, the Obama administration announced without warning that it was walking away from stricter ozone pollution standards that it had been promising for three years and instead sticking with Bush-era standards.

John D. Walke, clean air director of the Natural Resources Defense Council, an advocacy group based in New York, likened the ozone decision to a “bomb being dropped.”

Mr. Walke and representatives of other environmental groups saw the president’s actions as brazen political sellouts to business interests and the Republican Party, which regards environmental regulations as job killers and a brick wall to economic recovery.

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