Chris Christie trying really hard not to run in 2012

Well maybe I was wrong about last week’s GOP Presidential debate. Maybe it made a difference after all. After watching him in the debates, My Republican friends tell me that they now think Perry is an idiot. Well better now than later I guess, did they really need to watch the debates to work that out?

This morning it seems like everyone wants Chris Christie to jump into the race.

I can’t blame them. The Perry boomlet was fueled by the knowledge that Romney is an empty suit who will say anything to become President. The other candidates start to make Sarah Palin look like a better choice.

Too bad for the GOP inner clique: Christie just turned them down yet again through a spokesperson.

This should be no surprise. Christie has been a governor only a little over a year. If he runs in 2012 he would be up against an incumbent President in the general election. And before he got there he would have to pander to the same Tea Party base that have reduced the rest of the field to unelectable lunatic status.

With many states moving their primaries earlier in an attempt to be relevant, time for candidates to file is running out.

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