Barcelona’s last bullfight

I never did get to see a bullfight.

Having studied Spanish since I was 10, going to see a bullfight was always on my list.  Though, as I’ve aged, I’ve increasingly found the notion a bit revolting, in the same way I no longer find it “fun” to torment insects with a magnifying glass (yeah whatever, I was like 8).  Still, I grew up admiring names like Manolete, and had an early appreciation for the suit of lights (though it’s possible that was more a gay thing than a bullfight-o-phile thing).  Anyway, I get why the bullfights are ending, and I really have no desire to see one because I don’t like watching an animal mutilated and then killed for sport, but it’s hard to not to feel like we’re losing a little bit of world culture, as bad as it was. Yeah, contradictory, so sue me.

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