Bachmann: Obama did not do enough to preserve dictatorships in the Middle East

Bachmann and her ilk are pretty disgusting people. But her latest argument is truly revolting. Bachmann thinks that Obama did too little to save the dictatorship of Mubarak. According to the National Review:

In a speech to about 400 Republicans gathered for the state party’s fall convention here, the three-term Minnesota congresswoman blamed President Obama for “the hostilities of the Arab spring” and expressed regret that “we saw (Egyptian) President (Hosni) Mubarak fall while President Obama sat on his hands.”

Just what is so special about Israel that the populations of Egypt, Tunisia and Libya, a total of over 100 million people should have to live under brutal dictatorships just in case democracy might be a threat? Margaret Thatcher believed the opposite, pointing out to Gorbachev that two democracies had never gone to war against each other.

The US has a long history of backing dictatorships in the region and the current government of Iran is a direct product of that policy. Back in 1953 Iran had a democratically elected government. That was too much of a threat as far as the Dulles brothers were concerned and so they arranged a coup to eliminate the democratic government and install the Shah as a dictator, the first CIA organized coup.

Propping up crumbling dictators like Bachmann urges is a fool’s bet. Carter did not make a mistake in refusing to save the Shah, that was never an option. The mistake Carter and Ford made was not cutting their losses and openly abandoning the Shah when it became clear that he had lost popular support.

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