Two bad polls for Obama

PPP says the base is demoralized.  Again, we’ve been predicting this for over two years now. From PPP:

The debt deal really does appear to have demoralized the base, and the weird thing about it is that this is one issue where if Obama had done what folks on the left wanted him to do, he also would have had the support of independents. The deal has proven to be a complete flop in swing states where we’ve polled it like Colorado, North Carolina, and Ohio. And in every single one of those states a majority of voters overall, as well as a majority of independents, think new taxes are going to be needed to solve the deficit problem.

It’s not really the one issue. 70% of Americans supported the public option. A large percentage of Americans wanted us out of Iraq and Afghanistan. 70% wanted DADT repealed. There have been a lot of issues over the past several years where the left has been ahead of the game.

Nate Silver makes a point in his polling analysis, and I think it’s dead wrong:

Nevertheless, analysts should be careful to distinguish the liberal blogosphere from liberal Democrats over all and furthermore from the Democratic base, which includes many voters who do not identify themselves as liberal.

We’re far past the time that it’s just the liberal blogs who are disappointed in the President, and the PPP poll shows it. It’s a regular topic of discussion at this point as to whether the President is a wimp. That talk may have started with the liberal blogs, who recognized the trait a good two years ago, but it’s hardly just us anymore. The recent Krugman piece titled “President Pushover” comes to mind.

And it’s not just Krugman, lots of reporters I know think Obama is a pushover. As do a number of Democratic members of Congress, some who are finally beginning to speak out. Then there are Dems across the country. Yeah, some of them still like Obama, but a lot are disappointed as hell. You could throw a stone in Washington, DC and you’d have a hard time hitting a Democrat who would tell you they love the way Obama’s doing his job.

I think the liberal blogs have a bit of a Cassandra complex. They’re awfully good at seeing what’s coming, but no one wants to believe them. Well, believe them now.

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