Thirteen unions to sit out Democratic convention in Charlotte NC

I’ll post without much comment. Trend? Not sure. (See below for what kind of trend.)

Per Channel 14 News in Charlotte NC (h/t commenter ezpz; my emphasis):

Some key allies of the Democratic Party say they won’t participate in the 2012 convention in Charlotte.

Thirteen unions affiliated with the AFL-CIO voted to sit out because the members objected to selecting a right-to-work state as a host.

“It’s easy to understand why folks are disappointed and frustrated,” acknowledged MaryBe McMillan, with the NC AFL-CIO. “But I don’t think that sitting out this convention because it’s in the least-unionized state is going to do anything to help the situation in North Carolina and make us a more worker-friendly state.”

There’s more in the article.

Note that the battle is not between the “unions” and the Democratic party — it’s between 13 individual unions and the AFL-CIO. As we noted here, the AFL-CIO is the original sinner in endorsing (in effect) Ronald Reagan’s history-making union-busting PATCO strike in 1981.

Not that they’re all-bad, mind you, the AFL-CIO types. But it does seem that the higher up the power chain you get, the more … acquiescent? … you become.

Will unions have to retake the union movement? Something to watch.


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