Schecter on Perry

Cliff Schecter, writing in Al Jazeera about Rick Perry, provides some very sharp analysis:

Rick Perry is dangerous. He is a dominionist, meaning the Biblical Law, to him, supersedes that of the US Constitution. He possesses slightly less gravitas than a half-eaten bowl of chili. The amount of hairspray he uses might actually be a threat to national security. And as conservative intellectual Bruce Bartlett put it, he’s kind of an “idiot”.

Perry’s also already shown his willingness to do anything to win, no matter how potentially damaging to the US and its economy – starting his campaign with an attack on the patriotism of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke (specifically intended to hamstring his economic response to this crisis), who you may remember was originally put in that job by none other then George W Bush.

So call Perry dumb, make jokes about a guy who found a way to get a C in college gym, which presumably included trying to eat the eye-black and steal bases by actually, you know, stealing the bases.

Make fun of him, because it’s enjoyable!

But don’t for a second think this is the way to beat him in a race for the presidency. The way to do that is to tell the truth about him. That he’s as fake as a three-dollar bill, all hat and no cattle, or to put it in a language Perry can understand – he’s Blazing Saddles, not The Unforgiven.

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