Perry: US should be run by the military

What’s with his odd fascination with a military dictatorship? Who really wants to live in a banana republic besides extremists like Perry? It might be nice if the US could get back to letting civilians run the country instead of the military deciding what’s best for the country. We’re stuck in two wars that we can’t afford because the military is calling the shots. Now might be a good time for the weak-kneed politicians to take back control of the country. We can’t afford more wasteful and deadly wars that the military always seems to want.

Rick Perry already said that he wanted to secede from the union and now he wants to throw away our democracy so the military can call the shots. Really, why does Perry hate America?

Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry discussed foreign policy Monday, telling the nation’s oldest major veterans organization that U.S. forces must be led by American commanders rather than “multilateral debating societies.”

Addressing the Veterans of Foreign Wars’ annual convention in San Antonio, the Texas governor urged the United States to renew its commitment “to taking the fight to the enemy before they strike at home,” as the 10th anniversary of 9/11 approaches.

He drew sustained applause from the hundreds of veterans in a cavernous, concrete-floored convention hall when he said no one but U.S. brass should be leading American troops in missions abroad.

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