New Poem – Bits and Bytes

As you probably have already read, I had a poem, Sub Sailors views on Glasnost, featured in the Cold War area of the Smithsonian museum. I dreamed up this poem, literally, last night and finished the edit today. Hope you enjoy:

Bits and Bytes

Bits, bytes and hexadecimal

knowledge gained is infinitesimal?

Our Cheetos stained fingers

are consistently silenced

We modern day prophets

clad in pajamas

who might live in basements

to blog social dramas

Those who speak the truth erupt

with warnings unheeded

of economic doom

or politics corrupt

Society turns its ignorant eye

and smugly tramples

its masses beneath

Blithely snaps social contracts

throws them into the streets

She cackles at struggling fools

who worship gold

and silver doubloons

Hateful cheerleaders

with their simpering chants

blast from Fox network

“Listen to us! All your dreams

will come, perchance!”

As we slip from the Age of Pisces

what have we learned

from crisis to crisis?

We have been warned

to “Never Forget!”

Yet Fascism thrives

the Gilded Age still persists.

Canaries in the coal mine warn

Rights have been ignored

Their families torn

The Golden Rule ignored

“The gays” have been blessed

with untenable missions

of speaking the truth

to those who despise  them

Experienced wisdom dismissed

while Fundamentalists analyze them

Inalienable rights used

as political footballs

their message abused

and solutions forestalled

Aquarius beckons

a New Age erupts

The Christ child in Pisces

taught ways to persist

Follow the “Love Message”

Will we stubbornly desist?

Our very survival hangs in the balance

A choice to move forward

or hang from the gallows

-Timothy Beauchamp

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