Just stop already

Where have we heard this one before:

“Is this the deal I would have preferred? No,” Mr. Obama said from the White House. “This process has been messy; it’s taken far too long.”

The President is a lousy negotiator and doesn’t have the stomach for any fight, to be sure, but he’s also getting what he wants. It’s the President who kept trying to one up the Republicans by adding more cuts to the deal (remember, he’s the one who put Social Security and Medicare on the table), so spare us the “I would have preferred something better.” No he wouldn’t. The President is interested in one thing: not making waves. And whatever he can do to ensure that he makes no waves, he’ll do it.

And now there’s a second thing motivating the President. No, not the national interest. His own political self-interest. Somehow he’s got it in his head that the only way he can win re-election is to massive cut spending in the middle of an anemic quasi-recovery on life support. He’s not doing it because he thinks it’s the right thing. He’s doing it because he thinks it will get him re-elected. And even there, he’s wrong.

Joe and I predicted this day.  We saw it coming on how the President handled gay issues, how he handled the stimulus, and how he handled health care reform.  Joe and I begged all the apologists to wake up and realize that the way the President handled HCR – not fighting for anything – was exactly what he’d done before, and would do in the future. But we were told by the smarty pants lobby that this was incremental politics at its best, and we were just silly idealists.  Yeah, not so silly now.

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