James Moore: “Why Rick Perry is headed for the White House”

James Moore is the Texas-knowledgeable and best-selling author of Bush’s Brain, the book on Karl Rove.

Here’s Moore’s latest, in CNN’s opinion web-pages. It’s a stunner, something to put into your own brain for further consideration (my emphasis):

As a resident of Texas for 36 years, I keep wondering why the rest of the nation pays any attention to our political and cultural absurdities and yet still chooses Texans as presidents. Our most revered historical moment, the Alamo, was arguably a mass suicide. The slaughter in San Antonio was followed by a massacre at Goliad, the fall of the Confederacy to Union forces, and later by the Houston Astros. Texas has a legacy of losing.

None of this apparently matters, though, because America is beginning the process of electing another Texan to be president. … The big brains gathered east of the Hudson and Potomac Rivers believe that Mitt Romney is the candidate to beat. But they are unable to hear what Rick Perry is saying. The Christian prayer rally in Houston was a very loud proclamation to fundamentalists and Teavangelicals, which said, “I am not a Mormon.” The far right and Christian fundamentalists have an inordinate amount of influence in the GOP primary process and, regardless of messages of inclusion, very few of them will vote for a Mormon.

After he wins the nomination, protocol will require Perry to have discussions with Bachmann about the vice presidential slot, but he will, eventually, turn to Sarah Palin. The general election will force the Texan back toward the middle and he will stop talking about faith and abortion and gay marriage; Perry will campaign on jobs and the economy.

This may be why Sarah Palin still sorta looks like she’s running. Moore goes on to predict a Perry-Palin victory in the Finals. Read why.

Looking at the GOP field, you have to consider this; a credible threat to Romney from the right and an attack on his Mormonism may be all it takes to win the nomination. There’s more than enough Texas rumor that, unlike Bush, Perry really is as close to an unlit bulb as the Republican field can offer, but he’s very polished.

If this doesn’t sink him, he certainly has as much of a shot as any of them.


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