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You can order a “Proud Firebagger” t-shirt via the AMERICAblog Store (a significant portion of every purchase goes to AMERICAblog.)

Yesterday, I reported on President Obama’s campaign director in NM having sent an email blast to their supporters in which he rudely criticized both Paul Krugman and the progressive Netroots. Specifically, he called us “Firebaggers” – which seems to be a mixture of Teabagger and FierDogLake (presumably because Jane has taken the lead in holding Dems accountable we’re all FireDogLake now, or something). So, we figured why not wear our label proudly – get your “Proud Firebagger” t-shirt here. A significant portion of each sale goes to AMERICAblog, so you are helping us keep the site going by buying our shirts, and other merchandise. Thanks so much, JOHN

(You can read our earlier post about being called “Firebaggers” here.)

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