Right wing media: Norway terrorist not Muslim but acts like it

Yes, the American right wing loons have their excuses lined up because you know, Christians are never terrorists. Forget about what you see in Northern Ireland because that also doesn’t count. Timothy McVeigh was a premature Muslim terrorist as well if you buy into their wacko theory. For that matter, ignore the US bombings in the name of the war on terror because sending guided missiles into foreign countries where the people aren’t white skinned doesn’t count. Killing innocent civilians only counts when it’s in the name of Islam because Christians could never do such a thing despite evidence to the contrary.

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Among the conservative to rush to judgment were Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post, CNN contributor Erick Erickson, and Andrew Breitbart’s BigPeace.com. The Breitbart website surmised that the attacks could have meant that Norway’s “big Muslim problem” had “just blown up in its face.” Erickson wrote via Twitter: “Terrorist bombing in Oslo. I bet you it was not Lutherans who did it.”

Now that they’re uninformed and ideologically motivated guesswork has been proven wrong, these same conservatives are adopting the “No True Scotsman” fallacy and claiming that Breivik’s abhorrent behavior was not that of a Christian, but more akin to that of a Muslim.

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