Report: Gulf crabs showing sickness

Having grown up around the Chesapeake Bay and crabbing for years, I never saw anything like this. There are of course other problems with crabs from the Bay but not this. The thought of eating any seafood from the Gulf of Mexico still sounds scary and sadly, it’s hard to have much faith in any report by the federal government following their one-sided handling of the crisis. We need to hear a lot more about the crabs and other sea life in the Gulf from independent sources to see if this is related to the oil spill or something else.

Click through to see the photos of the sick crabs and more on the crabber report. The burns go through the shells so even a peeler crab has them once it loses its shell.

The crabber’s claim that catches are down more than 70 percent and that crabs are showing up with open sores and petroleum-based burns is supported by many other locals. From a WWL-TV report, out of St. Bernard, Louisiana:

Bruce Guerra has been a crab fisherman in Yscloskey for 25 years. And since the BP oil spill, he began seeing alarming differences in his catch.

“I guess where he was, he probably was in oil,” said Guerra, as he showed Eyewitness News a crab he’d recently caught. “See how this is all black?”

Guerra said crabs have been coming up dead, discolored, or riddled with holes since last year’s spill.

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