Poll: Voters care way more about jobs than deficit

Who would have guessed besides everyone outside of the beltway? Even 50% of the Teabaggers want jobs over reducing the deficit. Bloomberg:

Sixty-seven percent of those questioned said they would prefer that politicians focus on employment, according to a report by Washington’s Mellman Group and Ayres McHenry and Associates Inc., of Alexandria, Virginia. The study, released today, was sponsored by the Washington-based Alliance for American Manufacturing.

“Most support a national manufacturing strategy and strong support has grown in the past year,” the consultants said in the report.

The two consulting groups advised manufacturers to pursue their political goals with messages focused on American pride in making things rather than on statements about tax policy or human-rights abuses in China, the world’s fastest-growing economy. The alliance includes Pittsburgh’s U.S. Steel Corp. and Luxembourg’s ArcelorMittal (MT), as well as the United Steelworkers union, based in Pittsburgh, and advocates stricter enforcement of U.S. trade laws and measures that protect American producers.

The full poll is here. Some key findings, via press release: Some key findings from the poll, include:

· When given an “either/or” choice, just 29% want Washington to focus on deficit reduction while 67% favor job creation.

· “Creating manufacturing jobs in the U.S.” and “strengthening manufacturing in this country” are the top voter priorities for the President.

· Only 50% of voters believe that the President is working to create manufacturing jobs – an 11% drop from 2010. Congress fares even worse – 41% say Democrats in Congress are working to create jobs, and 32% see the GOP working to create jobs.

· 90% have a favorable view of American manufacturing companies – up 22 points from 2010.

· 97% have a favorable view of U.S.-made goods – up 5 points from 2010.

· 94% of voters say creating manufacturing jobs is either “one of the most important” things government can do or “very important.”

· 90% support Buy American policies “to ensure that taxpayer funded government projects use only U.S.-made goods and supplies wherever possible.”

· 95% favor keeping “America’s trade laws strong and strictly enforced to provide a level playing field for our workers and businesses.”

But Washington just keeps talking about the deficit.

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