GOP now blaming Obama for cutting Medicare, increased health care costs, and rising unemployment

That didn’t take long.  The President endorsed the Republicans’ agenda to cut Social Security and Medicare, and he cut back on his promised health care reform and stimulus package to woo Republican support, and now the President is being blamed for cutting Social Security, rising health care costs, and increased joblessness.

Typically, the President does this, endorses the GOP talking point, thinking it’s going to woo him friends on the GOP side of the aisle and, more generally, force Republicans to be nicer to him.  Instead, Republicans attack him for doing what they told him to do.  Which is what most of us predicted would happen.  But the President keeps doing the same thing over and over, with the same, and increasingly, disastrous consequences.

As for the ad, it‘s made by a group tied to Karl Rove, among others.  It’s not just some fly-by-night operation.  It’s the Republicans doing this.

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