Did team Pawlenty drop the “Bachmann is unstable and on meds” story?

It goes without saying that we’re not big fans of Michele Bachmann on this blog. We cover the GOP presidential campaign from a progressive perspective and tend to have a lot of fun when Republicans on the campaign trail stick their foot in their mouth or advocate for extreme positions. And those things happen all the time.

When the Daily Caller story about Michele Bachmann’s health problems (she has migraine’s and former staffers think the migraine’s are too debilitating for her to ever be president) went online last night I was skeptical of any news value and thought the story was a low blow planted to help another Republican candidate.

The story had two sources who were obviously high level staff members or connected to high level staff members who worked for Michele Bachmann. A third person verified that Michele Bachmann does indeed get migraines. I had a suspicion that the Pawlenty campaign was behind the hit, since they have one of Bachmann’s former Chiefs of Staff, Ron Carey, supporting the campaign. The campaign has used Carey to attack Bachmann in the past. And the fact that Pawlenty’s path requires that he beat Bachmann in the Ames straw poll next month.

It’s hard to prove, and it was just one source, until a Republican who is also suspicious that Pawlenty dropped the bogus story emailed me a link to another two high level staffers who would know about Bachmann’s health problems, and who are also supporting the Pawlenty campaign. Those two other staffers are Gina Countryman and Tim Gould. Countryman was Palin’s 2010 campaign manager and both former staffers would have been high enough to know about Bachmann’s migraines.

So did Tim Pawlenty’s campaign provide the Daily Caller with the sources to make the overblown claims about Bachmann’s migraines? Don’t get me wrong, Bachmann is unqualified to be president for hundreds of reasons, just read our archives on Bachmann. Her headaches and her medication for headaches told to Daily Caller by former staffers seems like a low blow from a desperate candidate, Tim Pawlenty, who is getting trounced in the polls in Iowa and needed to smear Bachmann as unstable. Someone should ask the Pawlenty campaign.

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