Bill Maher’s New Rule: “If you’re a working-class American who still votes Republican … you’re stupid”

Not pretty, this editorial; but pretty damn good. This is from the New Rules segment at the end of the most recent show.

The nervous laugher in the background is Ann Coulter, who as you can see played an uncharacteristic double role — flirty ex-or-current–girlfriend (of Maher) cum right-wing verbal assassin (of Chris Hayes’ publicly-employed mother, earlier in the show).

In case you’ve lived the last few weeks in a box, Casey Anthony is the latest female media obsession. The verdict in her trial for [allegedly, and I mean that] killing her child was announced earlier that day. (God made google so I don’t have to link you.)

With that behind us, here’s Maher, asking “Just how stupid are Republican voters?” Enjoy:

“The moneyed elite in this country are dragging a bag filled with your future down the steps, and [the Republican base's] reaction is, ‘Hold on there, that looks heavy. Let me give you a hand getting it into your trunk.'”

In 2008, with the economic world crashing around us, 46% of everyone who voted, voted for John McCain. Your Republican fellow-citizens, ladies and gentlemen; here until we’re all dead.


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