Why do liberal groups permit the Catholic Charities bigots to be a member?

From AMERICAblog:

Candy Hill, bigot

Someone needs to start a movement to kick Catholic Charities out of every progressive coalition they’re in. For example, what is a bigoted organization, an organization that would let poor children suffer, doing on the board of director of the Coalition on Human Needs, a liberal advocacy group that includes some of the biggest progressive organizations in Washington?  Yet there she is, Candy Hill of Catholic Charities, on the board of CHN.

I wonder if the Coalition on Human Needs would permit a racist organization to be a board member. Or is anti-gay animus somehow less offensive to the Coalition on Human Needs?

As Joe noted below, Catholic Charities is using poor defenseless children, yet again, as human shields as part of the organization’s anti-gay agenda. Maybe it’s time gay protesters paid a visit to the next Coalition on Human Needs meeting.

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