State Dept. pulls FSO working on Cong. Bill Young’s (R-FL) official trip to Italy because of her gender. Rep. not permitted to work with women, per wife.

A bizarre story that I just got from an impeccable source who has reason to know.

Congressman Bill Young (R-FL), the second ranking Republican on the powerful House Appropriations Committee, is in Italy this week on a congressional delegation. A funny thing happened to the female Foreign Service Officer who organized Young’s entire trip, and was supposed to travel with him to two Italian cities (in addition to Rome). The “control officer,” as her job is called, got removed from her job handling the congressman’s trip. Why? Because, my source tells me, his wife doesn’t permit women to staff the congressman.

Now, perhaps the Congressman has a weiner problem. I know of another now-deceased famous Italian-American congressman (Democrat) who tongued a friend of mine during a congressional delegation in the early 90s (she was shaken and mortified). So I get that for some of the guys it’s important to keep them away from women. But…

This is America in 2011. We don’t get to yank women, especially government employees, off of their jobs because the guy they’re working with may be a perv (or because the wife may be unreasonable). That’s the guy’s problem, not the woman’s. (Would they do this to an African-American FSO if the wife didn’t like non-white people working with the husband?) And I’d submit that this might even be a violation of the executive branch’s EEO policy with regards to discrimination based on gender. They can’t remove a woman, who works for the executive branch, from a project because of her gender, her race, or any other protected category.

This is pretty scummy all around.

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