Romney to claim that America only inches away from no longer being a free market

Seriously? He’s going to embrace the “Obama is a socialist” lie? What, the birther thing got a tad too hot to touch?

Mind you, this is the Mitt Romney who two years ago opposed the auto bailout, only to claim a week ago that he was for it.  So, give the man a moment, and a new poll, and he may/will change his mind. From Mother Jones:

It’s Mitt Romney’s big day. In New Hampshire, he will officially announce his second presidential run—which unofficially began the moment John McCain lost to Barack Obama. And he’s launching his campaign with a whopper.

According to the advance text of his speech—which his aides handed out to various media outfits to boost interest in Romney’s unsurprising declaration—Romney will proclaim that President Obama has “failed America.” He will blast Obama for expanding the size and reach of government. He will somberly state, “We are only inches away from ceasing to be a free market economy.”

Inches away? Is he kidding? Did Sarah Palin write this line for Romney?

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