Rep. Weiner’s district supports him 56%–33%

And in political news, it looks like Rep. Anthony Weiner’s district supports him almost 2 to 1 against calls that he should resign before the 2012 election. TPM (my emphasis):

While lawmakers from Rep. Anthony Weiner’s (D-NY) own party have now begun to call for his resignation, a Marist poll released Thursday night finds that his constituents think he should stay.

In the poll, 56% of registered voters in Weiner’s NY-9 district think he should remain in office, while only a third (33%) think he should resign. …

However, voters are as yet undecided on whether they’ll support Weiner when he’s up for reeleciton in 2012. thirty percent of respondents said they’d definitely vote for him next year, compared to 31% who said they would definitely not. A 38% plurality said it was too early to say for sure who they’ll vote for in the next election cycle.

Meanwhile, in other political news, some Dems are starting to tell other Dems to STFU about Weiner, or, to put it more bluntly, “play for our team for a change.” TPM again:

A growing chorus of progressives is calling on Democrats to keep their mouths shut when it comes to Rep. Anthony Weiner’s (D-NY) future — and are dismissing the Democratic calls for Weiner to step down as another sign of the timidity of the party.

It’s not so much that Weiner didn’t screw up royally, they say. It’s that they say it’s just not that big a deal, and making it into one falls into a Republican trap. And, besides, they say, as long as Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) is still walking the halls of the Capitol, why should the left be forced to lose one of its most ardent supporters?

It’s not clear how far this will develop. Defending Weiner is not something many are willing to do. But for some progressives, the response to Weiner is another sign of the Democratic party letting its left wing down.

The headline for that TPM article is “Progressives Call On Democrats To Show Some Spine After Weiner Scandal,” but if you inspect the link, you’ll see that the writer had other growth in mind.

Cruickshank’s Rule: Members of a coalition have each other’s back. Democrats aren’t a coalition, not with neolibs knifing progressives for sport.

But progressives can treat each other better than that; and frankly they will have to, if they expect to win anything in these post-Wisconsin years.


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