Rachel Maddow: If you’re a Republican, “please try to fake it” that scandals matter to you

Very nice piece on the Weiner kerfuffle. The hunt for the complete Anthony scalp is on. Thanks to Rachel for saying the obvious — It’s OK if you’re a Republican.

It’s a very nice piece. But note: she’s not doing this for snark-points. She’s trying to drive the discussion. Watch:


You can move the discussion too. I’ve thought for a while (and I know I’m not alone) that what used to be called “street theater” is an obvious way to create an effect outside of the ballot box. Sort of like Yes Men for the Rest of Us, or Yippies for Dummies.

For example, can you think of ways to incorporate diapers into David Vitter events? (I can.) And by “events” I mean lots of them. Volume counts in these things.

That’s just an example, of course, and it may not even be the best idea. I know you have much more imagination collectively than I do (even collectively). Why not put your minds to work? The Teabags can’t be the only ones who can put on a show for the cameras.

And semi-reliable members of the Progressive Coalition (which Weiner is) need supporters from somewhere. Cruickshank’s Rule: Coalition members have each other’s back. God knows the Dems aren’t helping out.


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