Dan Savage wears “evolve already” pin to White House LGBT Stonewall reception with President

UPDATE: Politico’s Julie Mason was providing the pool coverage of the reception, and she got a chance to talk to Dan Savage (and noted our pin):

Dan Savage, a columnist, author and gay activist was there with his husband (they married in Canada), Terry Miller. Dan was wearing a black and white plaid shirt with a small button that said, “evolve already.” Terry wore a white shirt with a hot pink bow tie.

“I believe the president should evolve,” Savage said. “He says he’s evolving, I believe him.” He added, “I want to hurry him along.”

Dan Savage was invited to the LGBT Stonewall reception at the White House today with the President, and true to form, was sporting a pin saying “evolve already.”  Joe and I just had the pins made last night, based on our “evolve already” campaign, calling on the President to evolve on the gay marriage issue back to where he was in 1996, namely in favor of it.

Dan and his boyfriend in America, husband in Canada, Terry

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