Catholic Charities abandons needy kids in order to take another swipe at gays. Kick them out of CHN.

Candy Hill, bigot

Someone needs to start a movement to kick Catholic Charities out of every progressive coalition they’re in. For example, what is a bigoted organization, an organization that would let poor children suffer, doing on the board of director of the Coalition on Human Needs, a liberal advocacy group that includes some of the biggest progressive organizations in Washington?  Yet there she is, Candy Hill of Catholic Charities, on the board of CHN.

I wonder if the Coalition on Human Needs would permit a racist organization to be a board member. Or is anti-gay animus somehow less offensive to the Coalition on Human Needs?

Catholic Charities is now stopping its foster care/adoption services in Illinois because the state passed a law permitting civil unions in the state.  Rather than run the risk of having to let a disgusting, perverted inter-racial gay couple adopt, Catholic Charities will simply abandon all children at risk in Rockville, IL, just like they did in Washington, DC.

Mind you, Catholic Charities had no problem taking $30 million from the state of Illinois and from Illinois taxpayers to runs its programs.  That’s okay.  But when the state passes civil rights laws, telling Catholic Charities to treat all of the state’s citizens equally – treat everyone who is paying Catholic Charities’ salaries equally – suddenly Catholic Charities hates gays so much it has to cut off poor children.

How can any organization that calls itself progressive have an avowed bigot, an enemy of civil rights, remain as a board member of the Coalition on Human Needs?

Candy Hill should do the honorable thing and resign from her post as a board member of the Coalition on Human Needs, and then she should resign from CHN all together.

I’m sure the Family Research Council, or the Klan, would welcome her with open arms.

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9 Responses to “Catholic Charities abandons needy kids in order to take another swipe at gays. Kick them out of CHN.”

  1. Castille says:

    My understanding was that the Vatican pulled the plug on catholic charities in those states where the organization *was* placing children with gay couples per adherence to local nondiscrimination law. Local boards broadly objected to the cessation of services, but it came down through the hierarchy. So, not knowing Candy Hill, this piece reads as a vicious smear of her for being a catholic and interested in service rather than anything Ms. Hill has personally said or done. Ms. Hill is not personally responsible for the actions of the Catholic Church, and she may or may not have agreed with their actions. American catholics are often at odds with the Vatican. You should retract this hateful bit in the absence of anything more to support it, or the condemnation of the charity work done by Candy Hill.

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