Why was Boehner in favor of taxing our troops?

I’m confused about something.

GOP House speaker John Boehner now is claiming that “ending a subsidy” is actually “raising taxes.”  For example, if we cut the monstrous subsidies that Bil Oil has been receiving for far too long, that’s actually “hiking taxes” on Big Oil.

Really?  So welfare reform was really a huge tax hike on the poorest of the poor?

And that also means that the Republicans proposed a huge tax hike right before Christmas when they tried to cut off unemployment benefits to hundreds of thousands of Americans, and cut off a pay raise to 4m active duty and reserve troops.  Remember, to cut off a subsidy is to raise taxes.  So the GOP was proposing to tax our troops, and tax the unemployed, right before Christmas no less.

If Boehner wants to play this game, let’s play it.  A lot of listen to great radio and television thanks to a subsidy to the CPB.  Boehner wants to cut that subsidy, so I guess he’s proposing a tax hike for public broadcasting.  And a tax hike for Planned Parenthood.

See how easy it is?

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