US gay rights activist Dan Choi, others, beaten by police at Moscow gay pride. Choi publishes open letter to Sec. Clinton, asks others to sign on.

UPDATE:  We’ve joined Dan in publishing an open letter to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, asking her to condemn the violence perpetrated today in Moscow by the Russian government.  Dan is inviting you to co-sign as well, and he will personally deliver the letter, with your signatures, to the State Department when he returns the states in a few days.

Amazing tweet by tweet live coverage of Lt. Dan Choi (who was the first to handcuff himself to the White House fence to protest Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell) just got beaten and arrested by neo-Nazis and the Russian police at the banned Moscow Gay Pride rally.

We’ve got photos, video of the police attack, and more coverage over AMERICAblog Gay.

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