Pawlenty in, Daniels out

A blue-tinged Tim Pawlenty has announced that he’s nominating himself Best Actor in a Supporting Role for his performance in the aptly-titled, “Tim Pawlenty – A Time for Truth (Preview of Monday’s Announcement).” The video has the now-predictable Pawlenty video editing flash. Sadly, no matter how many times they do this, Tim Pawlenty is still taking part in the Republican presidential primary and not a Ridley Scott movie.

At the other end of the Republican campaign editing bay is Mitch Daniels, who announced this weekend that he won’t be running because he didn’t have his wife’s support for President. Mitch is the first and third husband of Cheri Daniels, who has apparently never been much of a fan of Mitch’s political aspirations beyond blowing up the debt as George W. Bush’s OMB director.

What does this all mean for the right’s field? Bill Kristol thinks the field will continue to expand later this year:

“It would be unfair to call the current field a vacuum. But it doesn’t exactly represent an overflowing of political talent. And insofar as politics abhors even a near-vacuum, others are bound to get in. I now think the odds are better than 50-50 that both Rick Perry and Paul Ryan run. I also now think they (and others — Sarah Palin, Chris Christie, John Bolton) may not feel they have to decide until after Labor Day — or maybe even until October or even November. The field could well remain open and fluid until Thanksgiving.”

I don’t see any reason why any candidate not currently in the race would rush right in now. The dissatisfaction with the current crop of candidates is only likely to increase over time, making the appeal of a Palin, Christie, Bolton, Ryan or Perry seem greater. I’m certainly not convinced that the field is done (assuming every candidate with an exploratory committee ends up running). Someone else will get in, as the only commonality between a field of people like Romney, Ron Paul, Gingrich, Pawlenty, Bachmann and Herm Cain is that none of them will beat Barack Obama.

Matt Browner-Hamlin is a blogger & political strategist based in Washington, DC. He has written about US politics since 2004. He's worked on presidential and Senate campaigns, in the labor movement and the Tibetan independence movement. He is the founder of and currently spends much of his time fighting Wall Street banks. Matt on Google+, and his .

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