Iceland volcano continues to disrupt air travel in Europe

When the volcano first erupted, it did not sound like it would be a problem. A few days into it though, it’s starting to look like another headache for travelers and the airline industry.

As a plume of ash once again drifts towards Scotland from the north Atlantic, experts insist that this time will be different, and new rules will permit more aircraft to brave the cloud.

But as aviation authorities admitted they did not yet know how badly flights would be affected, airlines including BA, Aer Lingus, KLM, easyJet and Flybe grounded services due to take off today.

Barack Obama and his entourage took no chances, preferring to skip a planned one-night stay in Dublin and fly in to London last night for the US president’s state visit.

What is known is that the densest parts of the ash cloud from the Grimsvötn volcano are expected to exceed a new safety threshold set for airlines, and services at a dozen airports, including Glasgow and Edinburgh, are already under threat.

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